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Experimental Hip Hop

Class description
What you can expect from me is a challenge, a concept , a meaning behind my
pieces (simple or more complex), fun and pure feelings.
My choreos are above all lyrical. For me, it is important that the dancer can feel
and understand the perspective of the artist. What was he feeling during this
specifc high note, what was he trying to implement in the lyrics or with the
melody? I know that everyone has his own taste and imagination but I want
give you a way and the bravery to use and play with your fantasy and
I use alot of speed to express movements,Sentences or words, but also chills to
realize your true self in another dimension. Dimension is strange word but it is
a good explanation of how a dancer feels or in what kind of situation he is.
All in all, I try my best to make this experience as fun and challenging as
possible. - An experience full of emotions and deep meanings.
About me
My name is Dean, I was born in Berlin and I am 25 years old. My roots are Thai
German.I started dancing in general over 10 years ago. I have already taught in
different countries.I love food and sleep...and thats not for the weak.So if you
want to learn more about me then visit my class and make your own


Tanzschule: Tempelhof

Stil: Hip-Hop

Tag: Dienstag

Start: 17:15

Ende: 18:30

Dauer: 1:15h

Schwierigkeitsgrad: 2

Altersbeschränkung: Ab 14 Jahren

Saal/Ort: Etage 2

Trainer: Dean Markulla

Tanzschule: Großstadtzimmer

Stil: Hip-Hop

Tag: Freitag

Start: 19:30

Ende: 21:00

Dauer: 1:30h

Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4

Altersbeschränkung: Ab 13 Jahre

Trainer: Dean Markulla

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