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With this motto in our hearts, in the last ten years we have grown into a major Berlin dance school for urban styles.

Our courses combine fitness, rhythm, coordination skills and lots of fun, creating a unique connection between body and mind.

Enthusiasm about dancing as a hobby or advancement in competitive sports are two possible routes. People of all ages come together to share the joy of doing the same thing.

At three locations in Berlin, children, adolescents and adults aged between 3 and 60 train in urban dance styles such as hip-hop, breakdancing, street dance, ballet, jazz and new style at Samuel's Dance Hall. The lecturers and coaches at the dance school have a wide range of knowledge and extensive experience, which they pass on to their students every day.


In addition to sporting and dance-related aspects, we focus on developing team spirit, self-confidence and determination. We promote social and family togetherness. A strong sense of camaraderie teaches our students to interact with each other and to motivate themselves and others.

To allow everyone to present their developments and achievements, every year all age and performance classes, without exception, have the opportunity to be on stage in front of a large audience at our annual galas.

As in every big family, not everything is always perfect. Students face a variety of challenges and personal hurdles that must be overcome, and which we will face together with absolute conviction. That's life, that's what makes it so worth living.

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